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"Lynx-eyed = Keen sighted" - The Oxford Dictionary.

We are not all keen sighted enough to see every IWC link and article that is available so hopefully this page will provide you with some information you have not seen.

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International Watch Company

International Watch Company the home page of IWC with news, articles and a lot more. A visit to the Collectors Forum is a must and a search of the archives provides a wealth of information that can answer most questions. Also remember to have a look at the "Article" link within the Collector's Forum.
IWC Collectors Forum - a quick link to the login page for those who have already signed up.
IWC Museum - a direct link and don't forget to take the virtual tour.

Other IWC Forum sites

Timezone - IWC Forum
watchlounge IWC Forum
watchuseek - IWC Forum


Aquatimer Cousteau Divers by Terry Russell

The Best Years of Our Lives by Terry Russell & John Davis
The B-Uhr large observers watches made for the Luftwaffe in WWII by Stephen Sugiyama

Calibre 8541 watches from IWC a PDF file by Satoru Yoshida
Catalogue extract from Japan
Collecting IWC Watches - How to Recognise Vintage from Fakes a PDF file by Adrian van der Meijden & Hans Goerter
Collecting Special Cased 85x Calibers a PDF file by Martijn Bonthond
Collection "EARLYIWC" - excellent resource but offline since the passing of Friedrich Wagener. Some information is available from the Wayback Machine, with a direct link to some pages here.
Compagnie Financière Richemont SA - The owner of IWC - The financial presentations sometimes provide useful IWC information

Date Your IWC - Software to date your IWC by Marco Schönenberger
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar by Ratskunk
drempee's IWC site - excellent wallpapers and check the Vintage Collection album

The Einstein from Schaffhausen by Michael Friedberg
The Elusive IWC 5251 by Terry Russell

Factory Tours
    A Guided Tour of The IWC Factory by Jack Freedman
    A Tour of IWC by The Group of Five (Michael Friedberg, Eugenio Demmenie, Foie Gras, William Massena & Hans Zbinden)
    Schaffhausen 2006 by Stefan Weeber
    TimeZone Tour 2006 - two seperate reports on IWC by James Dowling and by Michael Sandler
    Tony Axelzon's meeting with Kurt Klaus and a visit at the IWC factory (in Swedish)
    A Pictorial Tour of IWC - April 4, 2007 by Bill Barker (PDF file)

Fatal Attraction in Watches: Does Yours Have a Magnetic Personality? by Mycroft
Feliz Aniversário Do Jubilee! by Terry Russell (updated December 2005)
Fliegeruhr - by Franz Mattes (in German and English)
From Newbie to Portu'Geezer in Seven Not Always Easy Lessons by Richard Smith

Georges Kern - IWC gives meaning to marketing an interview in Le Journal de la Haute Horlogerie
Georges Kern - As Swiss as they come… - on
A special tribute to Günter Blümlein
Giant Steps - The Story of Günter Blümlein
Günter Blümlein Interview by  Peter Chong

Hans Goerter's home page with articles by Hans and Adrian van der Meijden
Hannes Pantli Interview By Michael Friedberg
The Horologium articles by Walt Odets with several on IWC

Ingenieur - Dial Variations In Vintage Models by Larry Seiden, Marco Schönenberger and David Ter Molen.
IWC's Ingenieur - An Incomplete History by Michael Friedberg
Ingenieur models by Marco Schönenberger
Vintage Ingenieur 1972 by Lee Boon
International Watch Company Literature - Three Books by Ratskunk
International Watch page by Cellar - my home page
IWC-Gallery by Gerd Standop - an excellent page with details of many IWC models
IWC additional articles by Michael Friedberg
IWC Masterclass - Amsterdam, September 11, 2008 by Cinq
IWC Pellaton Automatic Winding System 5:1 Model - by Michael Sandler
IWC Pocket Watch by Michael Friedberg
IWC References Before 1974 by Christian Niemann
IWC Workbook Search by Stefan Weeber
IWC's Earliest Wristwatches - Calibre 64 and 64T Models by Michael Friedberg
IWC's Pocket/Wrist Watches by foie gras and Michael Friedberg

Jones and Seeland Calibre and Serial Numbers by Antonios Vassiliadi

Klassik-Uhren - you can search and download articles in German in PDF format

Limited Edition IWC Mark XII Watches by Stephen Sugiyama

The Magnificent Time Machine from Schaffhausen - Da Vinci by Manfred Fritz
Man is not lost - an Account of the Mk 11 Navigational Wristwatch in English and German
Mark X - MM Henry's most informative page on the IWC Mark X
Military Timepieces by Konrad Knirim with several IWC articles
Marks on the Movement by Werner Berghaus
Movement Information by Steve Williams (you will need to have pop up windows enabled)

Portuguese Jubilee Limited Edition Watch by Richard Paige
Portugiesers - A History & Critique by Michael Friedberg
Portuguese - Calibre 5000 by Jon Lombardi and Michael Sandler
Portuguese New Calibre 5000 by Michael Friedberg
Portuguese Minute Repeater by Larry Seiden
PuristSPro - Passion. Opinion. Information - check the Horological Meandering section for some excellect IWC articles 
IWC Reference 5001 by Jack Forster
Reference Numbers in Recent Catalogues
Report on the First IWC Collectors Meeting by Hans Zbinden
Richard Habring - Tourbillon home page
Who is Richard Habring? by Michael Friedberg
Richard Sheridan - IWC Movies Archive and Extras
Ruminations on the International Watch Company - An Adventure In Retrogrouch Heresy by Carlos Perez

Searching for the Holy Grail: The IWC Jubilee Portugueser by William Massena
Stephen Cosh IWC Collection
SteveG's Watch Launchpad - several IWC watches featured

Terry Russell's home page
TimeZone Community Articles - many on IWC
The Titanium Sisters by Hans Zbinden
Tracing the Pedigree of IWC's Aquatimer by Michael Friedberg
Traveling Time Instruments from Louis Vuitton by Jack Freedman

Uhrenjournal (Austria) on IWC's Use of ETA Base Movements

Watch International (the link to the PDF files for each edition back to No 2/1995 no longer work)
WatchTime - you can search and download articles in PDF format
When a 7750 Ain't a 7750 Any Longer by Time Flies
Wrist Watch Mk 11, G6B/346 in the Royal Australian Air Force

Updated: 13 March 2021