International Watch Company - Fournitures No. 7

Fournitures or parts catalogues were released over a number of years and sometimes Fournitures No.7 is seen for sale.

This page shows the various Calibres but not the part numbers themselves.

Just click on the drop down box below and select the movement you wish to view, you may have to move the side bar down to see further movements.

For collectors seeking further details, I strongly recommend searching the IWC Collectors Forum and the archive on the IWC web site.


If you would like to compare two movements click here


Some notes:

A table to convert lignes to millimetres:


Lépine movements have the crown at 12 0'clock and Savonnette or Hunter movements have the crown at 3 o'clock.

"T" or "Tir" stands for "tirette" (which I believe means "setting lever") to indicate crown setting of the hands. Some movements were originally made with a "pin-set" function to set the hands, thus lépine à poussette with a pusher and savonnette à targette with a slide. The "T" designation was later dropped as the crown setting of the hands became the norm.

Any corrections or suggestions most welcome.


Greg Steer - August 2006

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